As we have mentioned before, our safety and security is directly linked to how aware we are of our surroundings.  We believe that this awareness is encouraged by thinking and behaving in a certain way – and that starts when we’re at home.

It’s not good enough to just consider our safety in the workplace, or our security when we’re out and about.  Our awareness should be routed in the way that we think – all the time.  Here are some home security and burglary prevention tips that could help you to start being more aware at home.

  • Ensure that all valuables and important documents are securely locked away.  Don’t leave these items lying about near open windows for people to see as this will increase the temptation for would-be burglars.  Try not to have computers or expensive electronic equipment clearly visible to passers-by through lounge or study windows.
  • Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks.  Safety chains and latches are recommended for the front door.  If keys to perimeter doors are mislaid, those locks should be replaced.
  • Burglars often lift sliding doors/windows off the tracks and gain access easily and quietly – spacers and bolts can be strategically installed in order to prevent this.  (Most sliding doors to not come with these.)
  • Ensure all windows are fitted with adequate locks or burglar bars that cover all glass.
  • Never leave keys in doors or make unnecessary copies.
  • Install a safe for weapons to keep them out of reach of children, untrained users and burglars/home invaders.
  • Keep the garage and tool shed locked when not in use. Would–be intruders should not have access to any item that can be used as a weapon or burglary tool.
  • Install outside lights that can be remotely controlled from inside the house. Consider installing lighting outside which is activated by a motion detector.
  • Reduce all heavy foliage near the garage entrance and front door to reduce the possibility of those spots being used as s hiding place.

When we feel safe at home we are more likely to be more confident, rest well and be better prepared to face all the challenges of our busy lives.  In a recent study it was found that feeling safe and secure reduces stress (Watson PJ, Shalev AY. 2005) and this is essential to living productively and keeping our lives, families and work balanced.