Testing your alarm system and panic buttons regularly is vital for your safety.  Even the best quality hardware is subject to deterioration and a number of factors can undermine the effectiveness of your chosen system should it not be regularly tested and maintained.  We need to be sure that the batteries are properly charged, transmitters are sending the correct signals, the control centre is receiving the correct signal and that phone lines are clear.

It is possible for would-be intruders to cut lines of communication a day or two before an invasion, and you may be unaware that your security system is compromised and no longer linked to our Control Room.

We have set out the following procedures for testing your systems with us and we encourage you to make it part of a regular routine.

Testing your alarm system and panic buttons
  • It is very important to let our control team know prior to testing your alarm system, so please contact us on 082 528 9662 and tell the controller that you would like to test your alarm system.  The controller will then guide you through the process.
  • Please ensure that you know your password before testing.
  • Should you have a 3rd party technician  on site who is working on your system, you will also need to phone the SMS Control Room and report when they start and when they finish, so that our controllers can accurately deal with any activations that come through as a result. 

Accidental Activations
  • In cases of an accidental activation please phone the SMS Control Room (087 943 7792) stating your name and password and ask to cancel the dispatch of a response vehicle.
  • Please ensure that your panic buttons are kept away from children to avoid false activations.
  • Do not wait for the SMS Controller to phone if you know that it is not a valid call out, contact us and cancel the response vehicle.
  • Please also bear in mind that when we receive a panic signal, we regard it as an emergency signal and will dispatch a response vehicle immediately, we will not phone you before-hand.

Security is a team effort and we value your contribution to helping us deliver the best possible services.  Should you have any questions, please contact us.

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