Too many of us live under the guise of false security.  We have amazing alarm systems, aesthetic gates and window guards, our cars have smash and grab protection and our housing complexes are under 24hr security patrols.  But then, how do we still become victims of crime?  Safety and Security is not about the safeguards that we place around us, the walls we build, the alarms we install.  It’s about awareness first.

An alarm system is useless if it is not set, a security gate wields little defense when left unlocked and our staff are not safe if they don’t know the correct protocols to follow when they are in dangerous situations.  Being aware of our environment is a key factor to remaining safe in unforeseen situations:  being aware of the best escape route, or where the local police station is;  being aware of whether we locked the gate behind us or set the alarm; being aware of which car windows are open and which doors are unlocked.

Training ourselves, and our staff, to be more aware is imperative to constructing a safer and securer environment for everyone.  The awareness also needs to be specifically focused on possible threats to our safety:

  • Are there unfamiliar people in our building approaching us?
  • Are there strange or new objects lying around that shouldn’t be there?
  • Are doors and windows locked securely when leaving a premises?
  • Is all the regular safety equipment maintained and in good condition?
  • Are there supervisors and trained staff on duty at all times?
  • Is access control aware of any special events or increased security risks?

These are just some of the areas that need our awareness in order to increase the level of safety and security – and the bonus is – being aware costs nothing; being unaware could cost you everything.