Survey highlights concerns on labour actions -

With the recent, and ongoing, strike and civil action, many companies have lost valuable man-hours and time that they can never buy back.  But deeper than this, there lies a fundamental issue of how businesses treat their staff.

In an article that was published by yesterday, they said the following:
"The strike action currently being experienced, as well as strikes that are threatening, are also a contributing factor," said Chose Choeu, the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry president.

Increased wage and administrative costs associated with significant above-inflation wage demands by unions would later be passed on to consumers and might have the consequences of reduced employment, Choeu warned.

At SMS, we believe in the triple-bottom line; people, profit and environment.  Although this is not a new approach to the business model, there are still those who focus purely on profit.  This focus is short-sighted as it doesn't acknowledge the roles that an organization's stakeholders play in sustaining their business.  It also overlooks the role that the organization plays in the community in which it exists, the impact that it has in its environment.

We believe in looking after our people.  70% of our staff are accommodated on site at our headquarters in a well structured and modern complex where they are provided with comprehensive facilities, as well as food and transport.  Here they are protected from intimidation.  (It is often this intimidation that is causing businesses to close, whether their staff are NUMSA members or not - the intimidation happens in their homes and en-route to and from work.)

Having our staff on-site results in increased staff morale, 100% staff attendance for shifts and better communication.  It also provides us with a significant advantage over competitors during periods of national labour unrest.

We provide outsourced labour solutions tailored to your needs, so contact us today for more information.