Thieves can block your remote to prevent you from arming your car alarm.

“Beep beep.  Car Locked.  Let’s go.”

Leaving your car securely parked used to be this easy, but BEWARE – this is no longer the case.

With the ease of pressing a regular, off-the-shelf code-skipping gate remote, anyone who is within approximately 15m of your vehicle can prevent you from locking your car with your remote.  They don’t even have to pick locks, or bypass alarm systems.

They block your remote, wait until you’re safely inside your destination, and then ransack your vehicle.  Imagine having your laptop, ID book, navigation system, driver’s license and wallet stolen.  The hassle and the cost would be excessive, and, you won’t be able to claim from insurance if there is no sign of a break-in.

Several months ago there were cases reported in Pretoria, and now, we’re hearing reports from the Westrand/Muldersdrift area.  What this means is that more and more petty criminals are seeing this as an easy crime and the modus operandi is spreading like wildfire.

In an article written in February on the looklocal website, Colonel Moodley of the Midrand police department said, "This is a very disturbing development in the increase of the criminal's repertoire."  In an article by EWN, police said that they are making headway in their investigations.

The Selpark CPF also wrote an article on these thefts in January. Julian Taylor, a victim himself, said “All my information is lost and my valuables cannot be replaced because insurance companies say there was no forced entry and it was due to our own negligence.”  After hearing similar stories, he experimented using his own gate remote and car keys. “These remotes can be bought anywhere,” he said.

The thieves fool you into thinking that your car is locked and safe and then help themselves to your personal valuables as soon as you are out of sight.  Check, audibly and visibly, that your car is locked before leaving it unattended.

If you experience any trouble, especially in a public place, alert the security or call our armed response control room on 082 528 9662.  Remember, this could happen anywhere; parking lots, garages, on-street parking etc.  Even when at home, if your car is accessible from the road, thieves could target you.