As 2012 settles into our routines, we are keenly aware of the fact that this will be a year of great and exciting opportunities.  With the latent effects of the global economic crisis still lingering with us all, we will continue to strive to provide even better service and produce the premium results that we have set as our constant benchmark.

Security systems, alarm and early warning installations, manpower and outsourced labour solutions, armed guards, technical maintenance and upgrades comprise the wide range of premium service delivery that we supply on a daily basis.  Our goal for the year is to continue to provide unparalleled service excellence; we hope to make a difference in your life!

We hear of situations where criminals target homes or businesses even though they are protected by a security company.  In a recent case, four armed thieves gained access to a property whilst the whole family was home, they were accosted and R11m worth of valuables were stolen.  As we wrote in a previous article on Coping with Trauma, crime (and trauma) has become a global concern and not just a local anomaly.

In this recent case, the family, victims of previous aggravated assaults, thought that they had covered all their bases yet still fell pray to the violence and trauma of South African crime.  Many companies in the industry don't want to tackle this issue and are even hesitant to engage in meaningful discussion on the topic. 

Often the tragedy lies in human error and the fallout is dire.  At Security and Manpower Solutions we have high standards that we insist our staff keep to and have management procedures in place to ensure, as far as possible, that these standards are kept.  Here are a few of those standards that were highlighted in the case above of what we expect (and the law expects) of our security guards.

So what exactly is required of a security guard?
  1. Honesty, integrity and loyalty to both employer and the persons and property being guarded,
  2. The ability to receive instruction and act in accordance therewith,
  3. Wakefulness and alertness during the hours of a shift,
  4. Mindfulness of the responsibilities of guarding the post which entails watchfulness, wariness and lack of gullibility,
  5. Physical mobility and the ability to respond appropriately,
  6. Visibility.

Its important to choose the correct security company but what is it that you need to look out for?

Be wary of those whose pricing is significantly lower than the average, these companies are most likely not paying their guard-force according to the legislated wage rates which means that they are drastically underpaid and therefore far more likely to fall pray to bribery or intimidation.  It is also vital that the company you use is registered with PSIRA, the security industry regulatory body.  Operational procedures and the way in which the guard-force is treated will have a significant impact on your personal security so it is important to know whether your security provider is compliant with regulation.

Not only are we registered and compliant with PSIRA, but we have uniquely structured our business in a way that promotes the well being of the staff and the quality of the service that we provide.  We house and feed the majority of our staff onsite where all facilities are provided and maintained.  We also provide transport to and from our clients’ sites.  This ensures that our staff are protected from intimidation and bribery and increases the sense of loyalty to the company.  We also have a dedicated team of inspectors that perform non-routine checks and make sure that there is no non-conformance on site.

Take action if your security services provider doesn't match up to these criteria in any respect!  If you’d like our assistance in assessing your current security situation, give us a call on (087) 943 7792 or at Security and Manpower Solutions email, info@smsbase.co.za.