The benefits of being protected by SMS:
We, along with all our employees, are registered with PSIRA, the Private Security Industry Regulatory Body.  This ensures that all staff are correctly graded and competent in completing their duties. 

70% of our staff are accommodated on site at our headquarters in a well structured and modern complex where they are provided with comprehensive facilities as well as protection from intimidation.

This results in increased staff morale, 100% staff attendance for shifts and better communication.  It also provides  us with a significant advantage over competitors during periods of national labour unrest.

95% of staff are transported to and from their sites through our posting service.  This eliminates the worries of unreliable public transport and late attendance for shifts.  It also allows us to conduct parades and inspections to ensure that staff are presentable and adequately equipped to perform their duties.

A highly qualified and motivated supervisory team will ensure that a superior quality of service is maintained at all times and that areas of risk are identified proactively rather than reactively. Zone Commanders inspect sites every 12 hour shift, Site Inspectors ensure the smooth running of sites and also visit every shift.  Duty Managers conduct weekly, random inspections at non-routine hours.

Before candidates are accepted into our security division, they are criminally vetted by the South African Police Service as well as the Security Officers Board.  SMS further adheres to all stipulated legislation that pertains to the security industry.

Our Control-centre, manned 24/7, is equipped with advanced electronic monitoring and two-way VHF radio equipment, ensuring constant communication with posting vehicles, supervisors and management as well as providing  support and efficient reaction to all SMS staff.